Francis Lewis High School's
First Student Hackathon
What's This?


What is lewHacks() ?

lewHacks() is the first student-based hackathon in Francis Lewis High School! We aim to provide an opportunity to the best high school developers, designers and hackers in the New York City area to converge, and build some amazing projects! We hope these hackers will take their projects and go beyond the hackathon, and implement it so that it will have a positive impact on the world!

When and Where is it?

Francis Lewis High School - 58-20 Utopia Pkwy, Fresh Meadows, NY 11365

The event will take place on Sunday, March 5th from 8AM - 8PM

Want to show off your skills? Come to lewHacks()! All you need is tech and wonderful ideas :)

Wait. What's a hackathon?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is an event where developers, makers, and designers come together, and build amazing technology in a very short amount of time, usually 12 to even 48 hours. With these projects, not only are they able to win prizes, but create something revolutionary that can help change the world.

Who can come?

Any high school student with a passion for tech in the New York City area can come and participate in the hackathon. Unfortunately, we are not accepting college students or graduates, but we hope to have sign-ups for non-HS volunteers and mentors in future events

How much does this cost?

This event is absolutely free! You bring the tech and ideas, and we bring food, swag, you know the rest. Unfortunately, we are not providing travel reimbursement for long-distance students. However, we will probably be able to setup high school students with metro cards.

What if I can't code?

No problem! Hackathons are great places to foster motivation and provide the resources for the apprentice hacker! lewHacks() will be providing beginner workshops throughout the venue, so stay tuned for those! We also have many student mentors roaming around if you need help!

Should I join a team?

Yes! Each team should have 2-4 hackers. You can form up with a team (and idea) before the hackathon. However, if you do not have a team, our amazing mentors will help you meet other awesome hackers!

What should I bring?

Since this is only a 12 hour hackathon, we will not be providing places to sleep, so no need for toiletries and sleeping bags! With that in mind: Bring your computer, a charger (for computer AND phone), cool hackathon T-shirts, a powerstrip, your student ID, whatever electronics and microcontrollers you need, and some great ideas!

Is there a Code of Conduct?

Yes! To ensure that all hackers have a great and safe time, please follow the Hack Code of Conduct.

Anything else?

Yes! Please ensure that you have a Devpost and GitHub account. You will be using Devpost to submit projects for judging, as well as to check on the judges, and prize categories. With that in mind, Sign-Up Here!

If you are a college student or graduate hoping to mentor for this event, we will be having more information about that soon!

Sign-Up Here!

Registration for lewHacks() is CLOSED!

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  • 7:30AM Check-in
  • 8:00AM Opening Ceremony / Team-Forming / Breakfast
  • 8:45AM Hacking Begins
  • 9:00AM Workshop - How to Build an Awesome Website
  • 11:00AM Workshop - Beginner's Guide to Android App Development
  • 12:00PM Lunch is Served
  • 1:00PM Workshop - How to Accustom Your Application Towards the Consumer
  • 2:00PM Workshop - Cybersecurity
  • 3:00PM Workshop - Large Scale Data and Databases
  • 5:00PM Workshop - Public Speaking
  • 5:30PM Dinner is Served
  • 6:20PM Projects are Due on Devpost
  • 6:30PM Presentations Begin
  • 8:40PM Closing Ceremony - Winners Announced
  • 9:00PM Goodbye!

Who are We?

Big thanks to all our sponsors, and all the people who came out and made this event possible!

Derek Pastor

Executive Director

Derek is a sophomore at Francis Lewis High School with a background in front end programming and computer science. He specializes in Java and Android mobile development and works towards building awesome apps and projects for the modern day.

Alan Cao

Director and Web Development

Alan is a sophomore at Francis Lewis High School with a background in cybersecurity and Linux systems. He specializes in security-oriented programming, penetration testing, and loves to work with operating systems and low-level code. He hopes to bring about a more digitally free and open world.

Shengming Yuan

Director and Technical Support

Shengming is a freshman at Francis Lewis High School, and has a background in server-side programming and networking. He is proficient in backend programming, and working with virtualization on all operating systems. He has amassed quite a lot of knowledge in networking, servers and broadcasting.

Kerryn Greaves

Supervisor - I.T Department

Kerryn is an alumni of Francis Lewis High School with a passion for technology and its impact to the future. He specializes in system administration, networking, cybersecurity and is the supervisor of the FLHS Technical Support Team.

Annie Law

Design and Communications

Annie is a junior at Francis Lewis High School with a background in marketing and public relations. She specializes in graphic design and public affairs and communication. She aspires to be an entrepreneur.

Amit Madan

Organizer & Technical Support

Amit is a senior at Francis Lewis High School and is captain of FLHS Tech Support. He works on a daily basis ensuring that school wide technology runs smoothly while expressing his passion of computer science and engineering.